3 November 2020

Layabout features in article on Jamaican Medium (More on this link)

What has your journey been like as a singer and musician so far?

“A steep learning process in creativity, production and marketing skills. The environment is homely, competitive and there are no rules. Music videos are perfect for ongoing short stories, because it never needs to cease.”


What is the feedback from listeners when you perform live, or share your music releases?

“Hard to judge, but it usually appears positive. I appreciate it all and put myself in the listener’s shoes to delve into what sparked them to share their opinion.”

Port Royal features as the setting most commonly used for your music videos. Can you explain your bond with this location?

“Our history and culture is far richer than meets the eye. The old city of Port Royal, which was a haven for trade, anarchism and deadly natural events on a world scale just optimizes it. It sits right below our feet under the sea with many tales of pirates and their treasures for us. These versions of the past are ours to carry forever. Such an appreciation for Jamaica and our past, with a view to a prideful future is surely a recipe for finally feeling whole, out of many, one people.”


Do you think Jamaicans are open to rock music as a preferred option?

“To be frank, no, and that is okay because I am proud of local music. Reggae and Dancehall are the deserved King and Queen. A freshly fallen apple from your own garden should taste sweeter than one which has sailed across the ocean for days on end. On the contrary, Layabout’s apple is organic Jamaican rock and this is why I have teamed up with my friend Black Pharaoh in our upcoming song called Punk Reggae, with a music video included, to kick off a style which satisfies my passion for Rock music and want for Jamaica’s signature in it.”

Where do you see your career in the next five years?

“I envision Layabout, the name of my blue guitar which I have played circa 2007 still at the forefront of my creations. The symbols of the Moon above water, outer space travel on a pirate ship and nature’s capability to encapsulate beauty and wrath, like a Polite Savage, depicting Layabout’s music. Moreover, that my prayers for guidance onto the right paths have been answered through my music – happiness would be a bonus, but it surely must follow because I have grin on just thinking about life in this way.”

26 October 2020

Two new singles Polite Savage & Punk Reggae are premiering now

Polite Savage (Oct 30) and Punk Reggae (Nov 20) with music video's included, both go on all platforms on October 30 and November 20 respectively. Polite Savage's music video concludes the first chapter of Savage the Pirate and Polite his reincarnation's story, as seen in the previous two music videos for Party Man (Feb 2020) and Stuck in a Rusty Cage (Oct 2019). Cleona Welsh, who features a lead role in the music video, as she did in Party Man's video, also gives backing vocals towards the end of the song. Punk Reggae is the first song of it's nature incorporating dancehall (reggae) and punk rock, marking the beginning of an new original genre called Punk-Reggae. The song features Layabout with co-lyricist Black Pharaoh who's idea it was create the song. Music features Omar Francis on lead guitar, Jeremy Ashbourne on drums and Cleona Welsh returns with a more vocal aid, as Black Pharaoh (Odane Wilson) DJ's the verses and William Price of Layabout sings the chorus, whilst playing bass guitar and rhythm guitar.

12 April 2020

EP recording session on it's way following pandemic crisis

As soon as it is deemed safe to venture back outside to work again, plans to hit the recording studio will be set in motion. Although there is no time frame for the EP's production, it will have four songs and be titled Polite Savage. A two faced release!

29 Feb 2020

New release - Party Man

It is 29th of February and Party Man, Layabout's second single, is online. The music video continues the story left open in Stuck in a Rusty Cage. A spirit is hidden within a bass guitar discovered by the character who mysteriously appears to become one with a stranger holding the instrument. They go on to become the Party Man!

4 March 2020

COVID-19 concerns lead to live show postponement

Layabout were set to open for Iron Kyte at a live rock event called Rockin Da Riva and presented by DownStairs (An established Jamaican rock group) No rescheduled dates have been disclosed.

12 Oct 2019

Debut Single

Stuck in a Rusty Cage, Layabout's first release, is an introduction to the Layabout sound. Lyrically written about selfishness,  Stuck in a Rusty Cage's music video features two characters both played by William Price representing a split personality, or lack thereof.

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